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Utility-model patent
DE 297 16 137.7
Portable cooling system
Ben-Nasr, Hedi, Dipl.-Chem. Dr.rer.nat.
Grabow, Manfred
Dr. Ben-Nasr, Hedi, DE;
Grabow, Manfred, DE

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The invention concerns a portable cooling system with optimum energy consumption that uses a Peltier cooling module, that has a metallic heat sink on both the warm and cold side and at least one fan on the warm side for better heat transfer, to create a useful cold-store. The system distinguishes through the thermal separation of the cold side of the Peltier cooling module from the actual cold-store and purposeful heat transfer between both rooms with the help of a gaseous or liquid heat transfer medium. This drastically reduces the energy consumption so that it becomes possible to construct a portable, practical cooling system that is suited for example to store medicines, in particular insulin.

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